Welcome to the new Response Power system!

Electricity Deregulation … Limit Your Risks

The renewed volatility in the Alberta pool price over the past several months has raised concerns for many electricity customers in the province who are exposed to pool price or have not fixed into long-term fixed-price contracts. Many consumers have begun looking for tools that they can use to reduce their risk – or create an opportunity – from these changes.

One such offering is available from our company, Response Power Inc.

The following information provides details on the services available, how various types of customers can use the services, and how interested parties can sign up for a free trial demo.

Response Power Provides the Tools

Response Power provides tools for major electricity consumers, retailers, energy marketers and generators to help them minimize the risks (and create opportunities) from high pool prices. Our system allows users to do the following:

  1. monitor the electricity system in their area (price, forecast price, generation availability, import/export, load, etc) and set up customized alarms when certain levels are exceeded. As an example, an Alberta electricity consumer may have exposure to the pool price for a portion of their load. To minimize the impact of high prices, they would set up an alarm (or series of alarms) that would notify them when price levels were exceeded. These notifications could either be text/cell/pager messages, or on-screen alarms in a control room. In addition, many users combine different alarm levels to allow them to customize their response. An example of this would be a location where additional natural-gas-fired generation could be dispatched if the gas price was low enough and the pool price was high enough.
  2. integrate the alarms into existing site control systems and automate the response. Response Power is working with several existing customers to ensure an automated response can occur and fit within each site's specific limitations and constraints.
  3. manage a portfolio of sites with load flexibility, enabling an energy manager or retailer to change the alarm levels or modify the notification messages.
  4. look at forecast load levels for a portfolio of sites, for either day-ahead purchasing or to ensure that forecast load levels will not exceed contracted volumes. This service requires a load forecast model to be developed for each site that defines the effects of variables such as weather, day of the week, etc. on the site’s load. This is of particular concern to office, retail, and institutional consumers with loads that are affected by weather, day of the week, and time of the day.
  5. download data sets, allowing for analysis of bidding patterns and load and price regressions. Essential for competitive intelligence.